Challenge coins are comparable to medallions given by military commanders to their subordinates. Often made of bronze, copper, or nickel, these tokens are embossed with the symbol and motto of their office or unit. These coins symbolize their camaraderie and loyalty to their unit.

Anyone who receives a challenge coin is greatly honored to have one. It is a badge meant to be displayed, not stored away in the basement. These challenge coins hold much pride and sentimental value. As such, getting the perfect challenge coin holder is worth considering.

It is only right to put these coins on display in a place of honor inside your home. To this end, we will discuss the things to consider helping you out in choosing the best display rack to better flaunt those achievements.



History of challenge coins

The origin of challenge coins is not clear as it has never been officially sanctioned by the government. However, there is one story that military historians believe to have started this tradition.

The story dates back to World War I when an American lieutenant had special bronze coins with his squadron emblem made and distributed among his unit members before they were deployed overseas.

The lieutenant was captured by the Germans and was stripped of his uniform to discourage escape. But escape he did. And he was able to reach a French outpost just beyond the border.

Devoid of his uniform and any identification, the French were suspicious of him. To prove that he was not a spy for the Germans, he remembered the coin in a pouch worn around his neck and showed it to them. His identity was challenged, and the coin was the proof that displayed his allegiance to the Allied Powers.

After verifying his squadron emblem on the coin, he was given a welcome and wine in return. Hence, it was the beginning of the challenge coin tradition.

Nowadays, the tradition is carried on in this manner:

  1.   When uniformed men gather in a bar, a person may start a challenge by holding his coin in the air or striking it on a hard surface or table and shouting “Coin check!”
  2.   Within 15 seconds, everyone present must be able to present their challenge coin. The person is only permitted to take one step to reach his/her coin.
  3.   If a person is not able to show his/her coin, he/she is required to buy a round of drinks for everyone who participated in the challenge.
  4.   On the other hand, if everyone present was able to produce their coin, the person who initiated the challenge will be the one to buy everyone a round of drinks.


What to consider when choosing a challenge coin display case?

Each person has a different situation and things to take into consideration. For example, some people have numerous coins that they want to collect and display. While others may just want to cherish one or two challenge coins. This simple situation will already influence the type of army challenge coin display case that will suit the person.

Let’s discuss the common factors that will help you in choosing your own challenge coin display holder. You may also think of these aspects when choosing this as a gift for a loved one.

  • The size of the holder

How many coins do you have in your collection? If you have quite a number of coins, it’s a good idea to get a challenge coin desk display. These usually have slots for numerous coins. Some display cases might cram the coins and overlap each other. So, choose one that maximizes the space and manages to show off each gorgeous coin.

If you only have one or two coins that you would like to put on display, you may opt for a pedestal type or a solo glass case that will also protect your beloved coin. This will serve as a focal point in the room it is displayed in. A place of honor for a cherished coin.

  • Cost

If you only have a couple of coins to display, you may choose to get individual coin stands. Single coin holders will cost you about $8 apiece.

However, if you plan on collecting challenge coins in the family, it will save you some bucks to get a bigger display case that can hold 10 or more coins. These challenge coin racks usually go for $10 to about $60.

The addition of features like felt linings and light fixtures will, of course, cost you more. Some businesses offer custom cases if you want a more personalized look. So, if you have the extra money, you may choose this route.

The good news is that there are many options out there. Simply look for the one that fits your budget and needs.

  • Style

As mentioned above, there are a lot of options when it comes to the material used and the design of the case. There are cases made of wood, glass, acrylic, or even metal, too. Just choose whichever one fits the decor in your home.

  • Durability

Most of the materials used in making a challenge coin display case are durable. However, if you live in a house with rowdy kids or pets, it is better to veer away from getting a display rack with glass or easy-to-break parts. 


Common variants of challenge coin displays

  • Single coin stand

Meant to hold individual coins, these are popular for coin owners who want to display only a couple of pieces.

  • Tabletop coin holder

The most popular type is the challenge coin desk display. The Teslyar Wooden coin stand is a great example of craftsmanship, worthy to hold your cherished medals and coins.

  • Shadowbox

A wall-mounted display case with a glass cover is perfect for space-saving and putting your beloved coins out of reach of children.


Display in style

Show your pride by choosing the best military, navy, or air force challenge coin display to flaunt your achievements.

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