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Wooden Beer Mugs & Steins

Wooden Beer Mugs & Steins 

While most people enjoy beer out of a glass, it’s really not the best way to enjoy this delicious brew. For starters, there’s absolutely no insulation, so that means your drink will heat up, just from the temperature of your hands. Plus, there’s condensation-- not to forget the fact that glass is just so fragile. If you’re looking to step up your drinking game, consider wood beer mugs. These tankards are attractive, durable, and incredibly functional, keeping your drink cold for as long as you’d like. 

How to Choose the Best Wooden Stein? 

Considering a wooden beer stein? There are a few things to think about, namely construction, size, and look. 

You might think wood as a strange choice for a liquid as its porous, but the best wooden tankard mugs actually combine wood and stainless steel to create a durable, functional cup that blows glass and porcelain out of the water. If you see a tankard that doesn't feature a steel liner, move on. 


When it comes to size, consider how much you would like to drink. The most popular stein sizes are 10 to 12 ounces, about the same amount of liquid as you’d find in a can or bottle of beer.  

You don’t want a smaller container as you’ll need more fill ups, and a larger one might cause you to serve more than you actually want to drink. 


As far as looks, that’s something totally up to you. For instance, if you’re aiming for an authentic look while enjoying a pint, opt for a cup in a deep, dark color. 

Benefits of Our Wooden Tankards 

The wooden tankards we have for sale are some of the best you’ll find.  

They’re designed with a stainless steel insert that’s insulated to keep your drink cold for hours on end so you don’t have to rush. Prefer coffee or tea? These versatile cups are perfect for any drink at any temperature, and they’ll maintain those temps so you always enjoy the best brew. 


Some wood beer mugs are pretty boring, but not ours. We offer medieval beer tankards that make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. You’ll not only enjoy an authentic look, but you’ll also be treated to modern comforts like ergonomic handles and expert craftsmanship.  


Last but not the least, our mugs are made from 100% solid oak, so you know they’ll look good and last a long time. 

How to Buy Premium Wooden Beer Mugs by TESLYAR 

Check out our assortment of wood beer mugs to find a style and color that suits your tastes. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy durability and style-- thanks to premium materials, authentic craftsmanship, and affordable prices. 

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