Challenge coins are an excellent method to demonstrate that you have accomplished something substantial and that you have an honorable coin to prove it. However, because these coins are generally quite small, they require a specific placement to be displayed and kept safe.

This is why we're going to find the greatest challenge coin display and learn more about this beautiful tradition.

There are many options for storage available and in carefully crafted wood trim boxes, they can not only be kept secure, but they can also become a part of your décor. With a touch of nostalgia and honor, this will bring a little flair to any workplace, room or workstation.

Challenge Coins Display

If you're searching for the best way to display your coins, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular choices on the market. 

You can select a designed and carefully crafted display for your valuable coins based on your style and tastes, as well as your own coin collection.

The majority of the time, the coins in question are military challenge coins with beautiful designs and personal meanings for each owner. These coins should be displayed someplace in the house or office as a symbol of patriotism. 

There are special wooden coin stands designed specifically for this sort of coin that will display your collection while keeping it secure. The high-quality wood and details will bring out the colors of the coins and present them in the best possible way.

Furthermore, challenge coins are becoming increasingly popular outside of the military ranks since they signify long-lasting relationships between team members and promote hard work.

All of these coins require a unique place created to hold a large number of coins while displaying them at the ideal angle.

Here are some creative ways to display challenge coins:

PVC pouch

This type of coin storage is the safest alternative since the PVC pouch protects the coin from damage and dust, but it is not the most attractive method to show your collection. 

While PVC bags are useful for transferring coins, there are better options below if you wish to display them to others.

Wooden wall holder

Wooden holders are a popular method to display coins on your wall. 

They are often made of high-quality wood and are intended for genuine coin collectors who have large-sized coins. Carefully crafted wood trim thumb complements any décor in the room and adds relevance to the entire collection.

Furthermore, the coins are generally placed at an angle, which makes them ideal for viewing without causing harm.

Aside from walls, wooden coin stands can be purchased with legs and put on a table to provide an even more effective manner of displaying your collection.

Velour pouch

If you are a coin collector who wants to keep a portion of your collection hidden, the velour bag is the best option. This plush and carefully made little bag will be ideal for storing your valuable coins away from the prying eyes of guests.

Some things are simply too valuable for people to show, so velour is the next best thing. It's also an excellent way to store coins that need to be moved since the smooth inside lining of the bag will protect them.

Velour box

Continuing with the elegant and smooth options for your coin collection, we consider the perfect blend this time. The inside of the challenge coin display case is lined with velour.

This will offer cushioning and protect your coin from scratches, while the velour will give a touch of glam and make the colors on the coins appear even brighter. 

For the greatest display, some velour boxes include a glass top that protects the money from dust and curious guests.

Coin capsule

Coin capsules are an excellent alternative for storing and protecting single coins. These plastic boxes are coin capsules that fit snugly around them and include a cover to protect them from dust, humidity, and damage.

While these sized coin capsules are not the finest option for presenting your coins to viewers, they are by far the safest alternative because you never have to take the coin out of the box to exhibit it.

Multi-tiered pyramid case

The pyramid case can be the ideal choice for real and dedicated coin collectors. 

This coin stand is meant to display your coins in the most ornate way possible, from the bottom to the top of the pyramid.

It would look fantastic with some additional décor in the room, such as a multifunctional wood docking station & desk organizer, for those who prefer to keep everything nearby.

How to choose a challenge coin display box?

Choosing the best coin display case is a difficult process, but we are here to assist you. 

Now that we've covered the most common choices, it's time to think about your own collection and decide whether you want to display it or keep it hidden. There are a few things to think about:

  • Your coin collection:

For the best challenge coin display boxes we always recommend making sure that your collection is big enough to fill out the box and look presentable. 

Choose something that shows the coins at an angle, such as this American Flag Coin Holder, for the best presentation. Its one-of-a-kind design will complement any challenge coins, personalized coins, or casino chips.


  • Your style and preferences:

Some individuals enjoy incorporating the coin collection, lid, and multilayer molding into their home design. As a result, the best option is determined by the room and your own preferences. 

If you have any wooden elements, such as a solid wood design end table, keep to natural tones and show your coin on the wooden stand.


Finally, the greatest thing you can do for your coin collection is to keep it secure. 

This type of memorabilia is one-of-a-kind and deserves a particular place in your house. With so many high-quality alternatives, we are confident that you will make the perfect decision for your valuable collection.