Challenge coin display stands are one of the best ways to keep your precious collection of coins safe, but is there anything more you should know about the display rack and coin preservation?    Yes, there are a few more things you need to consider when selecting the best storage option and location for your military challenge coins or any other collection.   Keep on reading to find out what causes the most damage and how to preserve your coins for the best value in the future.

What to Consider when Choosing Your Method of Coin Storage?

Your precious casino chips or any other prized coins needs to be safe from the harsh environment and deterioration, while also visible for daily admiring. But how to achieve the perfect conditions and what to consider when storing your new collection, for instance, in a Flag Challenge coin holder.   Here are a few things to think about:


Location is the key for your collection of coins, and you need to consider what might be the best place to put the challenge coin display   Avoid harsh environments like the basement or attic, and preferably stay away from the humid kitchen. Your office and bedroom might be the best places with optimal temperature and humidity.  



Many people choose the challenge coin wall display because it’s safe for your coin collection and on the other hand gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view every day. If you want everyone to see your coins, you don’t want to store them in a safe and take them out every time.   Any handling can cause potential damage, so make sure to wear cotton gloves and cover the hard surfaces with a soft lining or towel.


The general rule of thumb says that you need to be comfortable in the room where you keep your coins. This means avoiding high or low temperatures, high humidity, and pollution. Too much heat might not cause direct damage but it will increase the influence of other factors like humidity damage.

How to Protect Coins from Damage?

Even though coins are made from various metals and look resilient, time and different factors can deteriorate them. This will not only make the coins less appealing but also decrease their value.   This is why you need to protect your coins from:  
  • Humidity
  • Heat 
  • Cold
  • Acids
  • Improper handling 
  • Pollution
  • Grease

It's a good idea to keep the coins in a challenge coin rack to retain the optimal conditions and reduce the risks of deterioration due to improper handling and mechanical damage.

The Best Storage Solutions

Once you have your collection in the best coin display case, you might wonder where to put it.    While it can be an amazing idea to incorporate it into your interior design and choose to put it near your Wood Charging Station for Multiple Devices and Organizer, what is considered the best location?

Home and Office

Most coin collectors will display their precious possession in the office and home to share with visitors and friends. Coins have more than material value for many, and it’s perfectly safe to use a challenge coin display in your office.   Just make sure the environment is optimal and take into consideration the temperature and humidity.

Safe-Deposit Box

This might be the safest way to store your coin collection but it’s rather expensive and can cause humidity damage to your coins. If you feel this is the best storage option for you, make sure to include some silica gel packs to absorb any excess moisture.

Metal Cabinet 

Metal cabinets tend to attract more moisture from the air, so it might be a better idea to choose a shadow box or similar storage option for your collection. 

Choosing the Right Coin Holder

Now that we know the importance of a high-quality coin holder, we can learn a few more details about the options available. Depending on the size of your collection, the type of coins you have, and whether you would like to display them, there are a few different choices you can make.


Coin Holder

Military challenge coin holder is one of the best ways to store your collection because you will be able to see all the coins without touching them. The holders are pretty flexible when it comes to coin sizes and accommodate most denominations.   There are various coin holders on the market, so make sure to pick a high-quality one that will protect your collection and be presentable at the same time.

Coin Album

Another great solution for coin enthusiasts is an album where you can store and save a lot of coins. Albums can be made specifically for distinct kinds of coins, making it an ideal solution for persons who have large collections of specialized coins.   In albums, coins are visible from both sides, so you don’t have to take them out as much and cause any damage due to poor handling.

Coin Folder

Just like albums, there are coin folders created to keep coins in small pouches and allow you to view them from both sides. Keep in mind that albums and folders still need to be kept in a dry and comfortable environment to prevent any damage to the coins.   This is one of the reasons why so many people love to keep their collection visible yet safe in military challenge coin display case or similar stands. This way the coins are visible and a part of the decor while protected at the same time.    The high-quality wood displays enhance the overall appearance of the coins and allow the colors to stand out. Your gleaming collection will be exhibited in the greatest way imaginable.

Final Thoughts on Challenge Coin Holder Display

Coins have great value to collectors and enthusiasts, so keeping them safe for many years to come is the number one priority. This is why it’s important to follow our guide and make the most out of your collection. Choose the best challenge coin display stands and enjoy the pristine view every day.