Excellent guitars and basses don’t come cheap. As such, these instruments should be handled with utmost care. Even when not in use, they should receive proper treatment.

Any responsible guitar owner probably already has a hard case for their instrument. These cases are well-suited for traveling with your guitar.

However, if you’re just at home and you want your guitar within reach, a hard case is not ideal. Plus, those cases are bulky and consume a lot of floor space.

The common guitar holders we see in studios are floor stands. Sure, these guitar stands do a good job of making your instruments accessible. However, these occupy precious floor space and also have a high probability of being accidentally knocked over.

A great substitute for an at-home guitar holder that will securely hold your guitar is a wall mount hanger.

In this guide, we’ll talk more about why you need to have a guitar wall mount in your life. Also, we aim to help you in choosing the best guitar hanger that fits your needs.


The benefits of having a hanger for your guitar

Even when you’re at home, you want a safe place to store your guitars. But it is also essential that you have easy access to them when the mood or sudden inspiration strikes. A wall guitar holder is the best solution that can deliver.

Aside from giving you the ease of access to your instruments, here are the other benefits of using guitar wall hangers:

  • A guitar wall mount is easy to install. The kits usually come with all the mounting items you need. You just have to make the necessary holes on the wall.
  • Hanging a guitar high off the ground keeps it safe. It stays out of reach of rowdy children and boisterous pets.
  • High-quality hangers serve as a stable holder to put your guitar on. They will not accidentally drop your valuable stringed instrument.
  • In addition to the peace of mind you get from knowing that your guitars are safe, these guitar wall mounts also save you precious floor space. No matter how small the room is, you can easily fit numerous guitars, as many as your walls can carry.
  • And lastly, these wall mounts serve as pedestals on which you can proudly display your prized collection of stringed instruments.

Why is wood the best material when choosing a hanger for your guitar?

Wood is such a great material. It’s sturdy, so you are certain that it can carry the weight of your guitar.

Why not choose a hanger made of metal? You might ask. It is certainly stronger. However, hard materials like metal pose the danger of denting or ruining your guitar.

Wooden hangers, on the other hand, are soft enough to safely cradle your guitar’s neck. You get both strength and gentleness in this great option.

We can also agree that wood is such an elegant construction material that can double as a display piece. It can fit almost any type of home decor.

You can never go wrong if you choose to buy a wooden wall hanger.


What are the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect hanger?

Since there are several choices for guitar holders out on the market, here are some of the things you need to think about when selecting your wall hangers:

  • Size

A lot of wall hangers come in a non-adjustable size that can fit the neck of most types of guitars. Classical acoustic guitars have wider necks, so make sure to check the size specifications of the hanger first.

  • Appearance

Wall mounts are usually designed to serve as part of your wall décor. While invisible wall mounts are made to remain out of sight, making your guitars look like they’re floating. Just pick what looks good for you.

  • Capacity

Most wall hangers can only hold a single instrument. These are well-suited for home use. Other mounts that can hold multiple guitars are typically more appropriate for music studios and stores.

Also, check the weight capacity of the hanger. Choose one that can safely hold the weight of your guitar.

  • Materials

The common materials used for wall hangers are hardwood, aluminum, and hard plastics. Avoid the hangers that are sold cheaply. Their quality will most likely be poor.

Go for something a little more expensive to ensure you get a high-quality product. It will surely last for years, even over a decade.

Also, get hangers that are padded to protect the neck of your guitar.


Different types of guitar hangers. How to choose the right one?

  • Basic wall hanger

The basic wall guitar holder consists of two prongs protruding from a base that is anchored to the wall. The prongs are usually covered in a soft material to gently cradle the neck of your guitar.

It’s simple, but it gets the job done efficiently. However, hard to rely on when holding heavier instruments.

  • Self-locking wall hanger

This one is an upgrade to the basic wall hanger. It features a locking mechanism like a stopper at the end of the prongs to prevent the guitar from sliding off. This is good for areas that are prone to earthquakes and home to playful kids.

  • Invisible wall mount

The invisible wall mount has clear hooks or hooks that attach to the guitar’s strap buttons. The subtle pegs make the guitar appear to be floating on the wall.

  • Angled wall hanger

If you have wide walls, you may opt for these angled wall hangers. The guitar is placed at a slanting angle with the hangers supporting the base and the neck of the instrument. This way, the electric guitars are displayed in a more dynamic pose.

  • Custom-design hanger

Getting custom hangers is more for aesthetics. These cool guitar hangers are custom-made or designed to fit a certain motif in the room. These can be 3D printed, molded, or crafted from wood.

  • Frame

If you want a more sophisticated look, you may opt to use a glass-encased frame in which to hang up your guitar. It may not be as easy to grab, but it certainly keeps your guitar safe and dust-free.

Tips on how to hang a guitar on the wall properly

  • Hang at a secure spot

The best type of wall to mount hangers on is a brick wall.

If you don’t have brick walls, locate the wall studs. This is the next best spot to anchor your hangers.

  • Use proper mounting hardware

If there aren’t wall studs to hang onto, make sure to use the proper drywall mounting hardware. This will ensure that the hanger will not be ripped out of the drywall because of the guitar’s weight.


In conclusion

Choosing which type of wall hanger is entirely up to your taste and preference. But basically, select one that will let you display your instrument in its whole splendor.

If you’re eyeing to give these wooden wall hangers as a gift, this premium hardwood desk organizer might also interest you.