It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas gifts. But what happens when you have beer obsessives in your life, and you barely know anything about this drink? Getting a six-pack is probably the first thing that comes to your mind; however, you should forget about that idea and read this blog. We selected ten great options for everyone that’s on the hunt for a unique beer gift, and you can read all about them below. 

10 Innovative Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Finding a great gift doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. We did plenty of research to find some of the best, most unique ideas for everyone that enjoys sipping on a cold bottle. Lo and behold, the ten best products to check out when you want to start shopping for Christmas gifts:

Bottle Opener

There are so many unique bottle openers to choose from that you’ll be quite overwhelmed. These openers can be simple, labeled with the favorite beer brand of the person that will be receiving it. However, they can also be very innovative, packed in different shapes (used baseball bats, used military bullets, etc.)

One of the best ideas is getting your beer enthusiast a beer carrier with a built-in bottle opener. It might not be an affordable gift, but it’s multipurpose. It will keep their drink cold, it’s easy to carry everywhere, plus it has an opener. Every beer lover will be thrilled with this gift, no matter the age or gender. Most carriers can fit several cans or bottles and can keep them cold for many hours.

Shower Beer Holder

Do you need to find a Christmas gift for the ultimate beer drinker? Well, in that case, this is your lucky day. Did you know that there’s a shower beer holder that you can attach to your tiles and bring your cold beer inside the shower with you?

It was a surprise for us, but this fun gift will be one of the best gifts for a person that enjoys this drink. The holder is small, doesn’t take too much space, is practical, and is very easy to use. Imagine laying in your tub, listening to your favorite music, and having the bottle right within your reach. Sounds perfect, right?

Medieval Beer Mug

Any unique mug or pint glass will be an excellent gift for beer lovers. However, this medieval mug is on a whole new level. It’s made of solid wood and shaped to resemble medieval drinking mugs. Its handle is ergonomically designed, so even though it looks heavy, it’s not. The mug’s interior is lined with stainless steel, which keeps your drinks cold for a long time.

Home Brewing Set

Did you know that you can get a home brewing set to compliment someone’s man cave? Although this sounds like an unconventional gift, your beer enthusiast will be thrilled to have it. You can make your homebrew beer just like you can make wine at home, and the entire procedure is described in the set instructions. 


If you know someone that enjoys a relaxing camp trip with a craft brew in their hands, then this cooler/chair combo is the gift you should add to your cart. Nothing comes close to two-in-one gift ideas because they’re always so functional and serve several purposes. As the name suggests, you can use a cooler chair for sitting on it and keeping your bottles cold.  

Beer Club Membership

If you ask us whether we could pick our favorite gift for a beer lover, then this one would be it! Getting a club membership is probably a dream come true for beer lovers. Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal for people who aren’t much into this drink, it’s definitely something that brings a lot of joy and excitement. What does this membership include? Well, it depends on the club, but most members usually receive monthly deliveries from different craft breweries, will taste exclusive releases, and much more. If you know the favorite brew of the enthusiast, you can easily search online and see if that brewery is included in any clubs.

Cap Holder

Are you tired of seeing bottle caps all around your house? One of the best gifts for a drinker is a cap holder to keep each bottle cap they have in a special corner of the room. Cap holders come in many shapes, sizes, designs, so you’ll easily find one that’s unique and eye-catching. A bottle cap frame is a similar alternative that is usually has a shape of different states or continents. Gathering a cap from each state can turn out to be a fun game for any beer obsessive out there.

Wooden Beer Tap Handle 

If you need a unique beer gift no one else will think of- then this beer tap handle should be on top of your list. It’s made of solid wood, features an ergonomic design, and comes with a chalkboard section in the top part. This is where your beer enthusiast friend/relative will label their drink and enjoy a cold pour.

Personalized Beer Growler

Carrying a bottle in your hands is so out of style! Instead, you can get a personalized growler for beer-lovers to keep their favorite drink cold. Most growlers are made of stainless steel so that they can keep the precious drink inside cold. The personalized touch will make your bond with the person you’re gifting it to even stronger.

A Beer Book

There are so many amazing books that talk about the history of this drink. It’s one of the more affordable gift options on our list, but still an excellent choice for people who love to read. The more they get educated on their favorite drink, the more they’ll appreciate drinking it.


Have you been looking for the ideal gifts for beer lovers? This Christmas is about to get much better, thanks to the innovative ideas we listed above. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic because whichever gift you go for will be unique and an excellent surprise for your friends and family members who are obsessed with this drink.