A great traditional pub charms patrons with just its aesthetics alone. Choosing the right traditional furniture to achieve an enchanting pub look and feel is very important. Period faithful pub chairs, bar stools, beer stein mugs, and other rustic-themed decorations add up to complete an aesthetic that gives patrons the pub experience they are thirsting for.

Choosing Traditional Furniture for Your Pub

We have prepared a list of tips and tricks in selecting the right furniture for your traditional pub. Follow these tips and tricks to win over the hearts of your patrons by creating a pub with rustic charm and beauty.

Consistency is Key

All your furniture should have only one theme. Having furniture from different eras of style will fail to give a pub one look and feel.  Having one theme, a cohesive color scheme and matching furniture will evoke a warm feeling in all your patrons. This will make them want to come back every chance they get.  

Pick Durable Pieces of Furniture

Purchase durable furniture not just for longevity, but because durable, rustic furniture comes with a soul that adds to the look of your pub. Also, tipsy patrons are not the most careful people and durable things will tend to serve your pub for a longer time.

Local, Custom Furniture Makers Are Your Friends

You have probably looked at several online catalogs of traditional furniture, and you probably have your eye on several pieces of furniture that you plan to purchase. The only problem is this type of furniture often costs a lot, and shipping can also be expensive. Forego the extra expenses and save a lot of money by consulting with local furniture makers in your locale. Show these local makers pictures of furniture you plan to buy online. Save a considerable amount of money for the same if not better quality furniture through local custom furniture makers.   

The Little Things Tie the Place Together

Décor on the walls, traditional pub utensils, and rustic bar taps will complete the look of any traditional pub. Be creative and source a lot of rustic knick-knacks, because your traditional pub will need a lot of these.  

Pub Tables and Their Height Differences

Pub owners should know how to use different table heights. This gives the pub a much-needed variety. The presence of table height differences will subtly dictate the social dynamics of visiting patrons. A well-planned table height scheme will work wonders for your pub. Have all 3 of these Amish pub variants of table heights:

  • Standard height tables: 30” high
For dining patrons and small groups.
  • Counter height tables: 36” high
Makes for casual settings in chosen parts of your pub. These blurs the lines between sitting and standing tables and are great for people to mingle and socialize.
  • Bar Height tables: 42” high
The heart of the pub. Choose to go for a 42” high bar and host magical, tipsy nights for all your patrons.  

The Barstool: Workhorse of Your Pub

Choose 30” barstools to match your 42” bar. As for style, go with whatever fits your traditional pub’s theme and look.

Kinds of Barstools for Traditional Pubs

  • Tripod barstool: 3-legged wooden barstools.
  • 4-Legged barstool: 4-legged wooden barstools.
  • Backless barstool: A barstool with a level seat and no backrests. May be made of metal.
  • Low back barstool: Has a backrest that is a few inches high.
  • Solid back barstool: Has a full backrest like a normal chair.


Faithful to a Theme

Being faithful to a theme in the interior design side of things has to be the secret in keeping a traditional pub that patrons love going back to. You can do this all on your own but getting professional help, although costly, will work miracles for your pub. Know what you want and be consistent with your furniture and design choices, and watch your pub grow into that place everyone loves to go to.