Have you ever heard of the Hallaton treasure? This major discovery might have changed the history we all used to know, but it also caused a mystery that many scientists are still trying to resolve. If you want to learn more about this treasure, why it’s so important, and what it means, we share all the details in our latest blog post. In addition, coin enthusiasts will love hearing about a unique coin retrieved from the Hallaton digging site. So, before you take a peek in your coin box, we’ll share all about the silver coin that rewrote history.

The Role Of One Coin Found In Hallaton Treasure

Why is the infamous Hallaton coin such a significant discovery? This November marks 21 years since the Hallaton treasure was found, so we wanted to share the story of one coin and how it helped scientists learn more about the history of the world. Although this treasure hunt resulted in more than 5,000 valued gold and silver coins, this one is special in more than one way. First of all, it’s the oldest Roman coin ever found in Britain, and the estimated origin date is 211 BC. This is a significant revelation since this area in Britain wasn’t conquered by Romans until 43 AD, according to previous historical findings. Thanks to the coin, scientists found out that the people who lived in this part of the UK traded goods with people from the Roman Empire. Currently, the Hallaton treasure is displayed in the Treasure Gallery at Harborough Museum in the UK. If you’re reading this article, the chances are you’re either a history or a coin fanatic. 

What Is the History and Mystery of the Hallaton Treasure?

The Hallaton treasure was discovered by Ken Wallace back in November 2000. Wallace stumbled upon this major discovery while researching the history of the Hallaton area together with other archeologists from the Hallaton Fieldwork Group. This treasure is currently the biggest one discovered in Britain from the Iron Age. Ken only found 130 coins in the beginning, but after continuing his search, he found over 5,000 coins and numerous other significant items, including a Roman parade helmet, jewelry, accessories, etc.   As we mentioned above, the Hallaton treasure is special because it points to the fact that Roman coins made their way to this territory even before the Roman Empire conquered this area of the UK. The tribe that lived in Hallaton named the Corieltauvi tribe didn’t own Roman coins, so it’s still a mystery how they got all these items. One of the strongest guesses is that members of the Roman Empire traded goods with the Corieltauvi people despite the significant distance.

Why Are Ancient Coins So Important?

Ancient coins have helped scientists discover so many amazing things about our ancestors. They are not only valuable items that collectors chase but also discover details about the life of civilizations. Back in the day, coins were made of gold or silver alloy and were used for various purposes. Discovering these ancient coins means finding out a lot about the business trades between people and members of different empires. In addition, finding certain coins in locations confirms which civilizations inhabited this area during which period of time. Coins were used as means of power, so the more people had, the more influential they were. Wealthy people could afford to pay soldiers to fight for them and create a powerful army. Although ancient coins are rare collectible items, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own challenge coins to display in a coin box or a military challenge coin holder.


The unique Hallaton silver coin is much more than just a pretty coin you want to have in your collection. It’s a significant proof that rewrote history, and all of it happened thanks to Ken Wallace and him discovering the treasure.  Now that you know how important ancient coins are and how they helped scientists learn more about the past, are you ready to create your own collection that might become equally valuable in the future? Military coins are some of the most common ones, and one of the best ways to keep them organized is in a military challenge coin display. These displays come in many sizes and forms, and you can easily find a design to show off your police, navy, air force, army corps coins in the way they deserve. If you already have challenge coins that you want to show off, placing them on a stunning wooden American Flag Challenge Coin Display is a good idea. Passionate collectors usually have an emotional connection with their coins, so they love showing them off the right way. So depending on your collection, you can create a unique military coin display, including a navy challenge coin display, marine coin display, coast guard coin box, etc.  Another common idea is a thin blue line police challenge coin display case that features a blue line flag. This coin rack is the perfect way to show off your achievements. The American flag challenge coin holder can serve the same purpose, since it’s a multifunctional display you can use for any type of challenge coin collection.