Gold and silver coins as an investment have many strengths that you may not be consciously aware of. These characteristics make buying gold or silver coins always a good idea.
  • Tangible
Gold coins are tangible assets that, with the current price of gold, will be worth $100,000 for just 4 pounds. Silver may require you to have a couple of hundred pounds to have that same amount, but both silver and gold are valued well considering how little space you need to keep a lot of worth.  
  • Indestructible
Gold and silver coins will not be diminished or destroyed if they were sunk in the water, like in cases of sunken treasures. Also, their value will not be destroyed in a fire. Even time will not decrease gold and silver coins’ value. If anything, time often multiplies gold and silver’s value.  
  • An Almost Liquid Asset
Gold and silver coins are as good as cash, in that you could sell them very easily wherever you are in the world. Other assets like land or art will take longer to sell because their buyer base will require special circumstances for them to be purchased. Gold and silver dealers will buy gold and silver anytime, anywhere, regardless of circumstances.  
  • No Counterparty Risk
Unlike land and art pieces that must be authenticated by the government, gold and silver coins have no counterparty obligations to gain their true value. As long as your gold or silver coins are real gold and silver coins, you will not need any backing of any other party, government, or bank for your gold or silver coins to hold value.  
  • Excellent Store of Value
Due to inflation, all of the world's cash loses the majority of its purchasing power over time. The US Dollar has lost 98%. The world's different currencies have performed badly since their national reserves were founded. Gold and silver, on the other hand, have retained their purchasing power over the time our currencies have lost theirs.   Gold and silver coins will never be hacked by online thieves or be erased in records by dishonest accountants. Silver and gold coins will outlast anyone, and as long as you have them in your family’s possession, they will store value for you and your future heirs.
  • Private
You can’t beat the privacy gold and silver coins have. Land, art, businesses, and other assets have a network of paper trails that connect them to you, while gold and silver coins need just to be purchased and nobody else will have to know you know them.
  • Portability
You can't take Land, art, businesses, and other assets with you to other parts of the world. Gold and silver coins, however, just need a duffle bag, and you will have them wherever you decide to go.
  • Has Zero Maintenance
Land and business assets will procure you a mountain of fees to have throughout the years. Gold and silver coins will be a safe and secure place in your possession, and you will have them for as long as you like.  
  • It is For Anyone and Everyone

Unlike art and diamonds, you will not need a Ph.D. or a special sort of knowledge to acquire gold if you have the power to do so. Buy gold or silver coins or bullion from credible dealers, and you are golden. No pun intended. What are the Best Gold and Silver Coins to Buy? Now that you have a better picture of what gold and silver coins bring to the table, it might be more enticing to buy gold and silver coins. But what is out there to buy? Here is a short list of coins that are worth your hard-earned money. There are two types of coins you could buy. The first is the Bullion coin and then there is the numismatic coin. Bullion and sovereign coins are sold per weight that is made exclusively of gold or silver. And the Numismatic coins are the rarer of the two, which are rare coins. These are valued beyond the amount of gold and silver content in them. Most of the value of these numismatic coins is based on their story, condition, and rarity. The military challenge coin is an example of these. These are sought after by collectors and are the coins that usually end up in their military challenge coin display cases. Which of these two kinds should you buy? Go for the bullion and sovereign coins if you exclusively plan to store the value of your wealth. Bullion coins are more than good enough for that purpose. Easy to buy, easy to sell. Only buy numismatic, collectible coins if you want to be a collector. Fill your large challenge coin display case with coins to your heart's content, if that's your thing. But there is no sense in investing your money in a coin that is more than its weight if you just want safekeeping for your wealth. Coin collection is a whole different world that is little to do with investing in gold and silver.

 The Best Coins to Buy:

  1. The 1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coin

-          Purity: .916; 22 K

-          Most popular sovereign coin in the world

-          USD 50 face value

-          US Government backing  


  1. The 1 Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf

-          Purity: .99999

-          Most secure gold coin in the world

-           $50 Canadian face value

-          Canadian Commonwealth backing  


  1. The 1 Ounce Austrian Philharmonic

-          Purity: .99999

-          Republic of Austria backing

-          Was once the world's top-selling coin  


  1. The 1 Ounce Australian Kangaroo

-          Purity: .99999

-          AUD 100 face value

-          Australian government backing  

  1. The 1 Ounce American Buffalo

-          Purity: .99999

-          USD 50 face value

-          US Government backing  


  1. The 1 Ounce South African Krugerrand

-          Purity: .9167, 22 K

-          South African Government backing These are the top 6 coins to buy if you want to store your wealth’s value in pure gold. These beautiful pure gold coins backed by governments are easy to buy and easy to sell.

Places to Buy Coins

  1. Coin Dealer – Transactions with a local will be more private and confidential, but might have higher premiums. They also might have fewer choices, but at least you will get to forego the uncertainty of shipping and delivery fees.
  1. Online Dealers – These have a wider selection of coins and will be a little cheaper. Just make sure to buy from a trusted dealer to avoid being scammed. Your coins are shipped after wiring your payment, after all. Be ready for shipping, handling, and delivery fees.
  1. eBay – The convenience and security eBay offers are hard to beat, but be sure to research more and enrich your bullion and sovereign coin knowledge before purchasing coins from eBay.
  1. Coin Shows – Shows are for coin collectors. Coin shows do not bother with bullion coins. Go to a Coin show for entertainment.
  1. TV Dealer – The worst places to buy bullion from. They let you shoulder a huge mark-up from advertising and celebrity endorsements they pay. TV dealers are mainly banking on attracting buyers who know very little about bullion coins. They usually require you to purchase a minimum amount, which is not nice.
  Remember! Bullion is for value and wealth storage, and numismatic coins are for collectors and their military challenge coin display cabinets. Two different things, two different worlds.