If you love drinking beer, and you're always up for a round of a tasty pumpkin ale, you have to get familiar with a few rules you have to follow to elevate the experience to a whole new level. Whether you're hosting a tasting or preparing to open your brewery, we have a few things to say. Aside from focusing on having a tasty pumpkin ale, you should also think about a customizable beer mug that will really upgrade any event. 

While most people confuse pumpkin beer with Oktoberfest, the traditional German beer, that's not quite the case. Pumpkin beer is an extremely popular type in America, thanks to its delicious, sweet taste. Beer lovers know how important it is to know the right ways to serve this drink and which foods to pair it with. If you've had the same thoughts on your mind, you're hosting a party soon, or you need a personalized gift for your beer-obsessed friend, then you have to keep reading. 

Few Important Factors to Consider

If you're ready to take your home bar to the next level with a delicious pumpkin-flavored beer, then you need to know how to serve it. So, we created a short guide with the three most important factors you need to consider before pouring it into your favorite beer glass or mug. 


The temperature of the beer is an essential factor that can either make or break the experience. The thing about the temperature is that it can significantly change the taste of the beer. So before you decide whether to place it in the fridge and serve it icy or to let it chill at room temperature, you have to know the final result you'll get. 

For example, warm temperatures are ideal for people who want a more intense taste and flavor of the beer. Since pumpkin beer features such a delicious taste, it's safe to say that most people will love it when served warmer. So, if this is your favorite beer, don't hesitate to drink it warm because it will get even better. 

The one thing we wanted to mention is that pumpkin beer comes in many forms and types. The most common one is ale, but there are many IPAs, radlers, stouts, lagers, to choose from. Although it's usually sweet, it can also be spicy and even bitter. Suppose you get a macro lager pumpkin beer. In that case, it's preferable that you serve it at around 34 degrees F. Stouts are much tastier when served at a temperature of 55 degrees F. Ales are served at a temperature between 38 and 55 degrees F. When you have to work with darker beers, you should serve them warmer. In comparison, lighter beers require a colder temperature. 

In addition, the temperature of the pint glass or the beer mug will also influence the taste. If you prefer a milder taste, then it's best to pour your pumpkin beer in a cool beer mug and serve it cold. On the other hand, people who love a more intense taste should go for room temperature glasses or mugs. In other words, if you want to host a successful beer tasting event, you should ask your guests how they prefer their beer and whether they enjoy a full taste or want a cold pumpkin lager.


A customizable beer mug or a handcrafted beer stein sounds like the perfect container for such a unique drink. Although you can literally serve this beer in any beer glass, the experience will be much more interesting if you get fun beer glasses or unique mugs. 

For example, custom beer glasses or mugs are one of the best ways to show your beer-loving friends that you care. It's a well-thought-of gift that everyone will love. Whichever option you go for, you should also think about the temperature of the container. As we already discussed, it can be warm or cold, depending on the taste you prefer and the beer type. 

The Retro Oak Beer Mug Set of 6 is the perfect groomsmen gift for a crowd that's obsessed with pumpkin beer. These mugs are so authentic and can turn your mutual love for beer into a monthly or weekly gathering where you taste different types of beer. Each mug holds 30 oz, is made of oak wood, and features a stainless steel container on the inside that will preserve the drink's temperature. The Medieval Wooden Beer Mug features a medieval-inspired shape that so many people love! It's also made using solid wood on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. 

Minimizing Waste 

The truth is that high-quality pumpkin beer is much harder to find than traditional beer. Since this is a seasonal beer, you want to minimize the waste while pouring it for your guests. In other words, you need an excellent faucet and a tap handle for your bar. This will prevent you from losing precious beer and having to throw it down the drain. 

The Ergonomic Wooden Beer Tap Handle With Acrylic Cap will keep your hands safe while pouring and enhance your station's appearance. In addition, you can also customize and label the handle with your logo. Finally, it will fit perfectly with the personalized beer mugs you recently got.

Best Foods to Pair with Your Favorite Pumpkin Beer

Now that you know how much a personalized beer glass can upgrade the experience, it's time to find out the best foods to pair with your favorite ale:

  • Blue cheese
  • Quiche
  • Pecan pie
  • Slow-cooked meat
  • Peanut soup
  • Pad Thai
  • Chocolate cheesecake
  • Apple pie


How can you upgrade a night of tasting pumpkin beer? Whether you customize a beer mug, discover the best food to serve with this beer, or order unique glasses, there is no doubt that the next event you host will be a success. Just follow the tips that we mentioned, and you'll see that everyone will be obsessed with the food, temperature, and unique containers. Remember to reduce waste by getting high-quality faucets and beer tap handles.