Are you planning your first beer bottle share, and you are not sure about the dos and don’ts? Well, you are in the right place considering we have all the tips and tricks for hosting a perfect evening with a full beer stein mug and a lot of fun.

There are some things you need to plan ahead of time, so let’s dive right in and find the best way to make the night memorable. This is a great opportunity to give personalized beer mugs and meet new people.

What's the Etiquette for Opening or Trying Beers?

So, you are ready to use your precious medieval beer stain and entertain your friends with an amazing beer bottle share. If you are not familiar with the term, it’s simply a gathering of people who love beer and want to try new and exciting editions.

It’s a fun activity for all beer lovers and a great excuse to show off your amazing collection of mugs and steins, but there are a few things you need to know about the etiquette for opening and training beers.

You need to be open-minded and accept that everyone has their preferences when it comes to beer. This is why nights like this one are so exciting and a great way to expand your views. However, you should always pace yourself and take small sips from your beer mug to fully appreciate new tastes. 

If you are planning to host the beer bottle share, keep on reading to find out how to make the best tasting party. Should you bring a glass beer mug and provide entertainment? Let’s dive right in.

How to Host a Perfect Bottle Share?

Get out your antique beer stein and let’s get into details about the best way to organize a bottle share. This might be an occasion you and your friends often practice but for a lot of people this can be a new experience, so be patient. 

Here are the most important tips for hosting a beer bottle share:

  • Invite People
  • People are essential for this event, so make sure you are inviting beer enthusiasts and even form Facebook groups to make all the arrangements. This way everyone can be updated on the organization and decide if they want to bring in glass mugs, what beers are optimal, and how many people are attending;

  • Pick the Right Time and Date
  • Give people enough time to plan the evening, this will result in a better beer selection and a relaxed evening with friends. Make sure everyone is available and use the Facebook group for any additional updates;

  • Find a Venue
  • This bottle share can be held in someone's home or even a restaurant. Just make sure to double-check if the venue allows you to bring beers and your beer glasses. If the beer bottle share is at someone's house, consider bringing a gift like a wooden beer mug or beer boot to show your gratitude.

  • Set a Price Range
  • Setting the lowest price range for the beers will make it easier for guests to find the best options, and everyone will chip in equally.

  • Determine the “Volume Per Person” for the Night
  • Depending on the group of people who are coming and the number of beers, you need to set the volume per person. This is usually somewhere around 150ml per person to drink or 650ml to bring to the venue.

  • Make Arrangements on what Beers Are Being Brought
  • Considering that the point of this amazing organization is to taste new beers, it might be a good idea to agree on the varieties that are good options. This way, no one will be left drinking beers they don’t enjoy the entire night.

  • Provide Snacks
  • Even if you are just sipping from your beer steins, you will need some food in your belly to make it. So, make sure everyone is bringing some neutral snacks that will not clash with the beer taste.

  • Bring Mug Stains
  • All beer enthusiasts must have a favorite German beer stein or personalized beer stain and this is the perfect opportunity to bring one. You can also make a statement with your engraved beer mug and show your love for the beverage.

  • Have Fun
  • At the end of the day, this should be a fun activity and a way to reconnect with your friends and maybe meet new people. As long as everyone is drinking responsibly, this will be an amazing opportunity to taste new beers and discover favorites.

    Bottle Share Etiquette – The Do’s & Don’ts

    Now that you are ready to host a perfect beer bottle share and use your stoneware beer mug to taste new flavors, there are a few dos and don’ts you need to remember.

    The Do’s

    Bring Amazing Beer and Gifts - Be a good guest and bring something memorable like an Ergonomic Wooden Beer Tap Handle with Acrylic Cap or even an antique beer glass. 

    Socialize - This event is not just about the beer, it’s an opportunity to share opinions and find new flavors. So, talk to people and stay off your phone.

    Accept New People - Not everyone is used to these events, so embrace the newbies and share your experience.

    The Don’ts

    Don’t Be Late - This is just considered rude on any occasion, so be on time and bring something. If you need gift ideas click here.

    Don’t Drink Too Much - It can happen to anyone but try to be reasonable and only sip new beers from your German stein. Don’t become intoxicated and ruin the night.

    Don’t Bring a Friend - If the evening is planned, you need to come alone and follow the rules. This way there will be enough beer for everyone.

    Final Thoughts

    Beer bottle shares are a fun way to mix things up and taste beverages you wouldn’t purchase on your own. Now that you are an expert on the matter, there is nothing stopping you from planning an amazing evening with your beer-loving friends.