Your collector’s and hunting weapons deserve to be shown in all their glory! But, at the same time, you probably need to keep each gun safe. There is a solution which combines both these needs! Get an exclusive wooden gun rack for the wall, designed and made by the woodcraft company Teslyar! 

What Are Teslyar’s Gun Racks for Wall and Why Are They the Best 

At Teslyar, we focus on designing truly unique items which may serve for decades and please the eye of their owner with their exquisite look. Our collection of gun racks for wall mounting is no doubt of that kind. 

We have developed this collection for gun and riffle appreciators, and it can become a delightful home decor for them. Each item is made of high-quality timber from Ukrainian woods, including hardwoods like Ashwood, Oak and other valuable woods. Some designs also include metal parts produced by traditional blacksmith techniques. 



We craft each gun holder for the wall manually and cover it with high-quality wood impregnation and polish. 

As a result, our wall-mounted gun holders acquire the following features: 

  • Uniqueness. You will be an exclusive owner of a rack, and no one else in your area will have the same. 
  • Durability. Our gun racks’ service life is counted in decades, and they won’t lose their attractiveness with time. 
  • Reliability. If mounted properly according to the instructions we provide you with, a gun rack will tightly hold the gun in a particular position and show its brightest sides to all visitors. 
  • Diversity of designs. In our gun holders collection, you are welcome to select from multiple items to your taste. We have eagle-head designs, exclusive tulip-shaped designs, and classy and modern-style designs as well. Besides, there are models for horizontal placement of your weapon and vertical wall-mounted gun racks. 

Our gun racks can become a valuable gift for hunting enthusiasts, sport shooting lovers, and weapons collectors. Their design will accomplish your living room, a fireplace room in your cottage, or decorate the hunting lodge’s interior.  

Get it to create a special atmosphere in your home and to show the best pieces of weapon you are proud of.