Restaurateurs and food experts have conducted numerous experiments and noted down countless observations to further our understanding of the relationship between tableware design and appetite. One of the notable observations they have is the uncanny effect of color on diners’ appetites. Their significant findings help us in choosing the best colors for serving food.

How does the color of the plate affect your food presentation?

People’s flavor perception is heavily influenced by visual cues. As such, plate colors have an amazing impact on making certain foods look appetizing. Research reveals that the higher the contrast of the food against the plate color is, the more appetizing it seems. In their example, bright-colored food like red pasta on a white plate looks more appealing than white sauce pasta on a white plate, which just looks sad and bland. To know what color of plates and bowls to use when serving food, follow this simple guide.  

Choosing the best plate colors for serving food

People have come to associate certain colors with specific taste profiles. If your color combination seems off, the taste perception of the diner will also get confused. To avert such a disaster, take note of these serving dishes and food color combinations.
  • White plates let the vibrant color of the food be the focal point. It is like a blank canvas that will not clash with any of the colors of the food.
Tomatoes, red sauces, and beef look good on white plates. White plates also seem to highlight the sweet notes in the food.
  • Black plates give off a dramatic effect to colorful food. Black enhances the savory flavor in the dish.
  • Brown and black plates look good with beige-colored food like potatoes, pasta, and chicken.
  • Yellow plates pair well with green salads and vegetables.
  • Blue-colored plates are a good backdrop for yellow and orange foods like eggs and curry.
  • Red plates reduce the amount of food that diners eat. The rouge hue seems to send off danger signals to the subconscious, which is why people eat less on red plates. These are probably perfect at buffet restaurants.

White dishes vs. Colorful dishes: Which is better?

What is tableware that will never go out of style? The answer is white. Colorful ceramic tableware looks nice but is often only used on special occasions. They are more commonly used for decorative purposes most times of the year because they are fragile and delicate. Aside from that, colorful dishes are often more difficult to use. Every plate must have a pre-planned meal to pair with. Though having a unique tableware design can give character, the design may clash with the food and might just end up looking tacky. There is also a high tendency to have clashing colors or even having the same color of food and plate. Without the contrast in the plating, the food will be perceived by the diner as less appetizing than when there is high contrast. White dishes, on the other hand, might look plain and serviceable. However, they are perfect for the everyday grind of daily meals. No matter the place and era, white plates will always be in style. They can be used in both formal and informal dining. In addition to that, almost any food will look good with the high contrast provided by the whiteness of the plate. Cooks will not have a problem deciding what plate color will go well with the food they have prepared. They just have to grab one of these lily-white plates, and they can go wild designing the dish.  

Ways to improve meal presentation at your facility

Aside from choosing the best plate color to complement the food, choosing the shape of the plate is also essential. Round white plates are the best for desserts as they enhance the sweetness in the dish. While angular black plates are more suited for savory dishes as they enhance the saltiness of the food. Research has also revealed that utensils have a surprising effect on diner’s food perception. Even the choice of what forks and knives to use enhances the mood and taste of dishes. Create a better dining experience by pairing your plates with utensils that match the mood you want.

Mood, the food enhancer

Food doesn’t have to be served on fancy dinner plates to be appetizing. To get that nostalgic pub-like feel, serve your special steak with buttered veggies or beer-battered fish and chips on a dark oak wood board. Savory dishes always seem to taste better on these rustic wooden boards. In part, it is probably because of the contrast it provides, the dark brown neutral color as a backdrop to a vibrantly colored sumptuous meal. To complete that cheery pub vibe, bang wooden beer mugs with your buddies as you enjoy the night away. There is nothing cooler than a great get-together to make meals taste better.