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Wooden Mounts, Racks and Wall Holders

Wooden Mounts, Racks and Wall Holders

If you often find yourself struggling with storage, you might find that wooden mounts offer a smart and easy way to get items off the floor and out of your way. Why throw things in a closet when you can keep them close at hand? Whether you’re a surfer, hunter, musician, or athlete, there are wall mounts that serve double duty, both storing your prized possessions and displaying them for all to see. 

How to Choose the Best Wooden Mount? 

While all wooden mounts serve the purpose of storing and displaying objects like surfboards, baseballs, and guitars, they aren’t always interchangeable. For example, a wall mount for a guitar is generally a single arm that supports the guitar by the neck.  

On the other hand, the rack for holding a rifle will feature two arms and a narrow, circle cutout that ensures the firearm stays in place. You can’t really store a guitar on a rifle rack, and you definitely can’t display your firearm using a guitar mount.


For this reason, you need to decide which items you’d like to mount to the wall so you can choose the appropriate wooden wall holder. While completing this step, also take into account how many mounts you need to adequately store and display your items. 

Once you know what you need, it’s time to carefully review materials. To that end, avoid wooden holders that are made of plywood and other wood blends as they’re not durable and could damage your items should they fail. Instead, look for homemade, handcrafted mounts that are made from solid pieces of wood. 

Benefits of our Wooden Wall Mounts and Racks 

The safety of your equipment is no doubt at the forefront of your mind. After all, hanging a surfboard or rifle on the wall can be scary — what if the mount breaks? What if your belongings fall? These aren’t questions we want you to worry about;  we only use the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship when designing and creating our products. 


We start with solid wood, generally ash or oak. In addition to being eco-friendly when compared to plastic, solid wood is just so much more durable. As soon as you feel the weight and quality of one of our pieces in your hand, you’ll understand the difference. 

With our mounts, we also include everything you need to hang them on the walls. This means there’s no need to run to the store for screws or anchors — we send everything so you can use your new wooden mount immediately. 

How to Buy Premium Wooden Mounts, Racks and Holders by TESLYAR 

Whether you’re storing something large like a surfboard or small like a baseball bat, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of wooden mounts and racks. Our products are made from solid wood for durability and lined with soft felt pads to prevent friction damage and keep your belongings steady.  

Shop our collection of mounts for rifles, guitars, surfboards, and more to find the tools to beautifully store and display your items. 


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