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Surfboard Wall Mounts & Surf Racks

Surfboard Wall Mounts & Surf Racks 

Surfboards are large and unwieldy, and they can be difficult to store due to their size, shape, and fragility, but when you purchase a surfboard rack, you can easily, conveniently, and safely store your long-boards so they don’t take up much room or get damaged as you live your life. It doesn’t matter whether you surf often or just a few times a year, these versatile racks will keep your boards safe and secure. 


How to Choose the Best Wooden Surfboard Rack? 

When shopping for ways to store your surfboard on the wall, you want to consider the hanging method and the material. 


In most cases, you’ll want to choose surfboard mounts that feature two arms that extend from the wall to cradle your surfboard in a vertical position. Depending on the angle of the arms, your surfboard may lie flat against the wall, create a right angle against the wall, or sit in some angle between.  


Deciding on the angle at which your surfboard sits is really a personal decision. If you only have one or two surfboards and want to show them off, purchase mounts that allow them to lie flat against the wall. On the other hand, if you have several surfboards or are looking for a surfboard rack for the garage for utilitarian reasons, choose a unit that angles the surfboards so that you can store more in a smaller area. 


When it comes to the material of a surfboard storage rack, you want to think about both how good it looks and whether it will cause damage to your board. Metal holders, for example, may look nice, but the tough material may scratch your boards. Plastic is cheaper but it doesn’t look as nice, plus it’s the material that’s most likely to warp — potentially putting your surfboard at risk. 


The best material for a surfboard rack is wood. It offers the right mix of attractiveness, durability, and safety. 


Benefits of Our Wooden Surfboard Racks and Mounts 

Our wooden surfboard racks and mounts are made from high-quality materials to ensure years of dedicated service. Expertly crafted and made from woods like solid ash, these mounts fit in with a variety of decor schemes, while reliably supporting your surfboard. 


No matter which of our surfboard mounts you choose, you can rely on soft felt pads at contact points to cushion your surfboard and dampen vibration, eliminating friction damage and preventing falls. Whether you surf on the regular or just like using your surfboards as home decor, our mounts will keep them safe and secure. 


How to Buy Premium Surf Rack and Surfboard Wall Mount? 

Buying a surfboard rack is easy. First consider your needs: How many surfboards do you need to store? What are your design and color preferences? From thereon, check out our selection of mounts to find those that work for your situation. Even though our premium wooden mounts are made from high-quality materials and look like they’re suitable to hold museum-quality pieces, they’re versatile pieces that fit just as well in the garage as they do in the living room. 

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